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Student Handbook 2017-18

Columbus City Schools Mission Statement

Each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.

Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy Mission Statement

The Mission of the Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy is to educate students bilingually, resulting in the development of both the English and Spanish languages. We foster the awareness and knowledge of various cultures encompassed within our English and Spanish speaking communities. Our program provides a quality education for all students to become biliterate and bilingual, able to use these skills actively in the growing global community.

Promesa de los estudiantes

Yo soy bilingüe, me puedo comunicar en inglés y español.

Yo soy responsable. Yo soy respetuoso. Yo soy servicial.

Yo soy amigable. Yo soy un ciudadano que puede influir

positivamente al mundo que me rodea.

Student Pledge

I am bilingual. I can communicate in Spanish and English.

I am responsible. I am respectful. I am helpful. I am friendly.

I am a citizen who will positively affect the world around me.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students who will be eating breakfast at CSIA should report at 8:30 am. The instructional day begins promptly at 9:00 am. For the safety of our students, parents MAY NOT leave students unattended WITHOUT PARENT SUPERVISION prior to 8:30 am.

If your student is tardy to school please escort him/her to the office to sign in and get a pass to class.

All parents who transport students to and from school should remain to the right upon entering the parking lot and wait patiently in line until they reach the front of the building for both drop off and pick up. For morning drop off students will then enter the school through the main entrance and for afternoon pick up students will be escorted to their cars from the entrance on south side of the school building. School buses and daycare vans dropping off and picking up students will use the bus loop for loading and unloading students. Bus students will enter and exit the building through the far left doors in the front of the school building. Parents should not use the bus loop during school hours.

Parents/guardians who escort their students to school should stop in the lobby and allow the students to walk to the cafeteria on their own. When picking your child up at the end of the school day, please wait in your car in the pick up line and your child will be escorted outside through the south door exit. To help the pick up line move as smoothly as a possible please display your student’s name card in your car window where it is easily visible. If you are walking to pick up your child, please stand on the sidewalk and keep the doorway open for the students to exit. Walking parents may also display student’s name cards to facilitate a smooth dismissal process.

All visitors should sign in and wear their visitor’s badge while in the school. Please sign out when you leave. The doors will be locked the entire day. When picking up your child early, please go to the front office and sign your child out. The secretary will call the classroom for the student to report to the office.

For the safety of our students, students will not be dismissed between 3:00-3:30, for any reason. If you must pick up your student early from school, please pick them up prior to 3:00.

Students are dismissed daily at 3:30 pm. All students must be picked up prior to 3:45 pm.

2017 - 2018 BELL SCHEDULE


BREAKFAST …………………………. 8:30


SCHOOL DAY BEGINS …………….. 9:00

PreK - 2 LUNCH …………………… 11:30 – 12:00

PreK - 2 RECESS …………………..… 12:00 - 12:20

3 - 6 RECESS …………………….…. 12:10 - 12:30

3 - 6 LUNCH …………………….…… 12:30 - 1:00

PreK - 2 PM RECESS ………………. 2:45 - 3:05

DISMISSAL …………………………… 3:20 - 3:45

Attendance – Every Minute Counts!

Students miss a vital portion of their education when they are absent or tardy to school. While it is possible to make-up written work, class instruction, presentations, discussions and student-teacher interaction can never be recovered.

Please notify the office by 9:30am if the student is going to be absent or tardy to school. Lunch orders must be placed by 9:30am. If the office is not notified by 9:30am, a packed lunch must be provided by the parent/guardian.

When a student is absent from school a note from a parent/guardian is required within 24 hours of the absence. The note should contain the reason for the absence, the date and a parent/guardian signature or a Dr.’s excuse on the Dr.’s official letterhead.

The following excuses shall be accepted for student absence:

· Personal illness

· Illness or death in the immediate household

· Emergencies or any other occurrences or situations, which, in the judgment of the superintendent or designee, may necessitate absence from school for good and sufficient cause.

· Observation of a religious holiday

· Medical or dental appointment

NOTE: A maximum of nine (9) student absences from school may be considered excused with parental notification. After nine (9) absences, additional information and/or documentation in addition to the parent notification may be required in order for the absence to be excused.

In December 2016, the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 410 to encourage and support a preventative approach to excessive absences and truancy. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, several changes take effect. A student’s attendance will be counted by each minute of the school day. It is important that you understand that both late arrivals and early dismissals will count against your child’s overall attendance. Every minute missed is calculated eventually adding up to day.

Behavior Intervention Levels and Strategies

All CSIA students have the right to learn and no student has the right to disrupt the learning activities of others. The safety and security of your child is our highest priority and we are committed to providing a safe learning environment. The Guide to Positive Student Behavior provides definitions of behavior infractions and defines a menu of consequences that can result due to misbehavior. Misconduct is defined in a progressive order as follows:

Level I: Minor offenses

Level II: Repeated Level I offenses or serious misconduct

Level iii: Repeated Level I or II offenses, illegal and / or serious misconduct, or

life or health threatening offenses

CSIA staff provides tiers of corrective intervention strategies and instruction to students who fail to meet the behavioral expectations. Multiple options for correction student behavior may be selected depending on an individual student’s needs, including the age and grade level of the student, the student’s history of misbehavior, and the specific offense and its seriousness. School personnel use intervention strategies outlined in the Guide to Positive Student Behavior to help increase desired behaviors.

Birthday Policy

In order to allow for uninterrupted instruction during the school day CSIA has adopted building-­‐ wide birthday policy. Students and families who wish to celebrate birthdays at school may do so by sending a healthy snack, pencils, stickers, or gift baggies for their child’s entire class to be distributed ONLY after 3:15pm. Families who wish to pass out invitations to parties at school must do so for the entire class. Invitations must be given to the teacher first thing in the morning to pass out at the end of the day, no child should pass out invitations during the school day as this disrupts instruction.

Connecting with Your Child

Going to school means big changes for your child. These changes can be stressful. Having a positive attitude is the key to help ensure success. Talk with your child about new friends, new teachers, new rules, new routines and new feelings.

CSIA Student Qualities

The staff of CSIA has identified four (4) qualities that students need to be successful in school and in life. Students who exhibit these qualities are:

· Respetuoso (Respectful)

· Responsable (Responsible)

· Servicial (Helpful)

· Amigable (Friendly)

CSIA students are expected to demonstrate these traits both within the classrooms and common areas of the building. Students who do not meet the desired behavioral expectations may be asked to reflect upon the following questions in order to improve their behavior:

· Did this behavior model making a good decision? Why or why not?

· Did this behavior help you to solve a problem or create one? Explain?

· Was this behavior respectful or disrespectful to others? Explain?

CSIA Behavioral Expectations

All staff members are responsible for all students. Students are to be respectful and to follow the instructions of ALL staff members at All times.

Behavioral expectations are designed to ensure the best possible atmosphere for learning and for getting along with other students and teachers. CSIA’s Behavioral Expectations are as follows:

1. Each student has the right to learn, and every teacher has the right to teach. All CSIA students are expected to follow all classroom rules and participate in all classroom activities in such a way that enhances the learning environment for all. Students are to follow the directions of the school staff and to respond to adults in a respectful manner.

2. Every student has the right to feel secure, safe and free from threat and intimidation. Fighting, bullying, or inappropriate verbalizations and gestures toward others will not be tolerated.

3. All students are expected to respect school property, as well as other student personal property at Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy.

4. Every student at CSIA will respect him or herself.

5. Students at CSIA will show respect for cultural differences. Racial slurs, inappropriate language or gestures, and profanity are prohibited.

6. The grounds, cafeteria, hallways, restrooms, extended learning areas and buses are integral parts of the school and students are to conduct themselves in a responsible way in each of these areas.

7. Honesty is imperative to group living. Therefore, students are expected to display honesty in all interactions throughout the school day.

Students who do not meet CSIA’s behavioral expectations will be dealt with in a firm, fair, and consistent manner. Students will always have the opportunity to explain the situation. Those who do not utilize alternatives to the misbehavior(s) and continually do not meet the behavioral expectations may be subjected, but not limited to, the following penalties:

1. Parent Conference

2. Time-Out

3. Detention

4. Resolution Room (formerly PEAK)

5. Suspension

6. Expulsion

Class Dojo

During the 2017-2018 school year all classrooms Kindergarten through 6th grade will be using classroom DOJO as their behavior management system. This management system is an integral part of our building-wide PBIS system. It allows all building staff to be an active part of the PBIS process. Staff will award students positive points when they see students following our CSIA’s behavioral expectations. Because this is a web based program, parents will be able to access the program and see in real time how their child is doing at school, as well as have the ability to communicate directly through text messages with the classroom teacher. Every teacher will be sending home a welcome letter in the fall that will provide instructions on how to access the DOJO program and load the app to your phone or electronic devise. If you have specific questions about the app, please see your child’s teacher.

Bus Safety

Safety in our community and school is a major concern of parents and school officials. School bus safety is a significant part of that concern. With this in mind, the Transportation Services Department has developed a series of safety tips and rules to ensure the safe and effective transport of students. The bus driver is responsible for the management and safety of pupils and responsible for enforcing the rules. Disorderly pupils will be referred to the principal and she will be responsible for notifying parents/caregivers that continued disorderly conduct will result in suspension from the bus. Bus rules include (but are not limited to):

1. Remain in assigned seat; changing from seat to seat while the bus is in motion is very dangerous and prohibited.

2. Pupils must ride the designated bus. If other arrangements at dismissal have been made, a note from parent/caregiver is required or the pupil will be put on his/her designated bus. This note must be turned into the office by 9:30 a.m. NO EXCEPTIONS

3. A respectful level of conversation must be maintained. Excessive noise is dangerous and prohibited.

4. At railroad crossing and other danger points, quiet must be maintained.

5. Pupils may not extend any body part through open windows on the bus.

6. When exiting the bus, students must observe appropriate rules for crossing the street.

7. Throwing objects or spitting from bus windows is prohibited.

8. Pupils will refrain from eating, drinking, or littering on the bus.

9. Pupils are to follow directions given by the bus driver at all times.

10. Animals, pets, or glass containers may not be transported on the bus.

11. Parents/Caregivers will assume responsibility for any damage or marking on the bus by the pupil.

12. Pupils will speak respectfully at all times; profanity is prohibited.

13. Students should arrive on time

Students Rights and Responsibilities

The Guide to Positive Student Behavior for 2017-18 will be distributed to every student the first week of school. It is expected that parents/guardians review and discuss all information contained in the guide with their child. It is also expected that every student abide by the policies and regulations set forth by the Columbus Board of Education and the expectations of Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy. All parents/guardians are expected to complete the signature form on the back of the guide and return it to school. Signing this page indicates that you have thoroughly reviewed the guide with your student.

Electronic Devices(including Cell Phones/iPods/Gameboys, but not limited to)

Electronic communication devices must remain in the OFF position at all times during the instructional day. Students may not bring lasers or electronic games/toys to school. Furthermore, electronic devices may not be used in any of the school’s common areas or during recess. Additional information may be obtained by reviewing Board Policy 5143.1.

Students, who do not follow guidelines outlined in the policy, may be subject to the following disciplinary action.

1st Offense – Teacher Feedback/Parent Contact

2nd Offense – Teacher Confiscation of Device (returned at end of the instructional day)

3rd Offense – Principal Confiscation of Device (returned to student’s parent/guardian)

Emergency Contact Information

It is extremely important that CSIA has accurate and up-to-date contact information. This makes it possible for school personnel to provide proper emergency response. As a parent/guardian, you will be asked to update your child’s emergency information at the beginning of each school year. If your telephone number, place of residence or emergency contact information changes during the school year, please notify the office staff immediately.

In case of a medical emergency or illness, school personnel will attempt to notify you immediately. Parents must make arrangements for the proper care and transportation of their child if he/she has an accident or becomes too ill to remain in school. These arrangements include identifying friends or relatives who would be available to pick-up and care for your child in the event we are unable to reach you. Please include emergency contact names and phone numbers on the emergency /medical card.

Emergency/Medical cards should be completed and given classroom at Back to School Night, Tuesday, August 22, 2017. If you are unable to attend this event, the forms will be sent home with your student the first day of school. Please be diligent to complete all forms and return them the next day.

Food Allergies

The prevalence of food allergies is on the rise in the United States. It affects 6-8% of school-age children. For some children, a food allergy can be life threatening. If your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy, please inform the school nurse, the classroom teacher and the office staff. You may also contact CCS Health Family & Community Services Department at 614.365.5824. The Columbus Board of Education has recently adopted a framework [Policy 5161.3] for accommodating students with known food allergies that reduces the likelihood of an allergic reaction at school. For additional information on this policy, please visit

Food Service Programs

A nutritious breakfast and lunch every day is important for a child to perform at his/her best. Columbus City Schools Food Service is able to offer free breakfast and lunch for all district students.

Guidelines for Release of Students

1. A student may only be released to the following individuals:

a. The parent(s) or guardian(s) identified in Infinite Campus or on the emergency


b. Emergency contacts identified on the emergency card

2. At the beginning of each school year, each school building shall provide a

Columbus City Schools Emergency Information Card (Cat. No. 200054) to each

family for purposes of updating the individuals to whom students may be

released, the individuals’ contact information, and the order in which emergency

notification is to be made.

3. A parent/guardian must provide an updated Columbus City Schools Emergency

Information Card throughout the school year.

4. Should a parent or guardian desire the release of a student to an individual other

than one who has been previously identified, such a request shall be made in

writing. The principal, at his/her discretion, may accept a telephone call in lieu

of the written request for good and sufficient cause.

5. Written notes will not be accepted for the release of students to an

individual other than one who has been previously identified as specified above.

6. Before any student is released, the following procedures shall be followed:

a. School personnel shall request photo identification of the individual to

whom the student is to be released.

b. School personnel shall verify the individual to whom a student is to be

released as indicated in Infinite Campus or on the emergency card as an

authorized contact or is the individual listed in a written request from the

student’s parent/guardian.

c. School personnel shall require the individual to sign and date the Student

Release Form indicating that the student has been released to them. The

Student Release Form shall be provided to the buildings by the District.

7. No student is to be released to any individual if that individual is not authorized

per information in Infinite Campus or written authorization from a

parent/guardian, does not have proper identification, and does not physically go

into the building to complete the release form.

8. Students may be released to representatives from Franklin County Children’s

Services and Columbus Police Department provided they have proper

documentation, identification, and physically go into the building to complete the

release form.

9. Schools shall maintain the list of individuals to whom a student may be released

in Infinite Campus. Original copies of the Columbus City Schools Emergency

Information Card shall be maintained at the building.


Homework given in Spanish is to be done to the best of the student’s ability. Parents should be minimally involved in completion of homework. When learning a skill, students need a great deal of practice in order to achieve mastery. Parents are requested to only ensure the completion of homework. At CSIA, we believe:

· Homework is a positive part of the school program.

· Homework is an extension of classroom work.

· Homework provides an opportunity for parental awareness of classroom learning.

Homework frequency and length will vary from grade level to grade level.

Report Card

The Columbus City Schools have standards for learning. These standards identify what students should know and be able to do as they progress through school. The standards dictate the content and skill taught at each grade level. Expectations for student accomplishment at each grade level are the same, so children who move from one school to another are held to the same high standards.

In the report card you will find information about your child’s progress toward meeting Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.

· Standards are statements of what students should know and be able to do.

· In standards-based education, standards determine what teachers teach and what students learn.

· Each grade level has indicators of progress toward meeting the standards.

· Students will be evaluated on a scale from 1 (Working below Standard) to 4 (Exceeds the Standard) within each of the standard statements.

The KEYS for Levels of Performance in ACHIEVEMENT are as follows:

§ 4 – Advanced Consistently EXCEEDS required level of performance (at least one grade level higher)

§ 3 – Proficient Consistently MEETS required level of performance (Students are expected to be proficient at their grade level. This is where we want all students to be at a minimum)

§ 2 – Basic WORKING TOWARD required level of performance (does not mean child is failing, does mean the child has not mastered all indicators under the standard)

§ 1 – Below Basic Consistently WORKING BELOW required level of performance (could be an indicator that the child is experiencing difficulty with the standard and should be a reason for concern.

School Closings

The decision to close all schools for an entire day because of inclement weather or an emergency will be made and announced by the Superintendent. The announcements will be posted to the CCS Mobile App. This customizable tool will allow users to stay up-to-date, receive alerts and messages form the District and individual schools, and connect with District and community resources. To download this app, go into the app store on your phone and search for Columbus City Schools. Radio and TV stations will also broadcast school closings, beginning no later than 6:30 am. In the event schools are closed during the school day, parents should instruct their children where they should go if no one will be at home.


Bus information will be mailed to you from the Transportation Department. If you need to make a change in your bus route, including child care bus route changes, please contact the office at 614.365.8129 to obtain a Request for Reassignment form. Only the Transportation Department can approve requests for bus route changes.

Bus riders should be at their bus stop ten minutes before the scheduled arrival time.

Dress Code: All Students Pre K – 6

TOPS: Must have a collar & sleeves, short or long

Can be any solid color and must fit well- no overlarge or form fitting attire.

CSIA shirts & sweatshirts may be worn any day of the week, with uniform pants.

Sweaters/sweatshirts should still be solid in color, and not overlarge. In addition, hoods may NOT be worn in the building, and no snuggling inside hooded sweatshirts.

BOTTOMS: Must be solid color- navy blue, black, or khaki (casual dress material) and must fit well- no sagging, drooping, or clinging!

NO sweatpants or basketball shorts, or similar material.

** Girls, leggings are allowed ONLY if under skirts

All skirts and shorts must reach fingertips when standing straight, hands at sides.

Blue jeans may ONLY be worn on Fridays, with a CSIA or uniform shirt. No ripped (even as a fashion) or skin-tight jeans.

SHOES: Tennis shoes or other shoes that cover the toes must be worn; no flip-flops, slides, or shower shoes. Come ready to run at gym and recess, or walk to the library!


All prescribed students medications are kept in the office and administered only when a CCS medical form is on file in the school office and has been completed and signed by a physician. All medications will remain locked, and are distributed according to the dosage/prescription from the prescribed prescription bottle. All medications must be in the prescribed prescription bottle. Students are not permitted to have any medications (prescription or nonprescription) in their possession on school property.

If you have any questions that you cannot find the answers to in this packet or the folder, please give us a call at 365-8129.

Anti-Harassment Policy

On April 7, 1998, the Board of Education adopted a policy that, in accordance with federal and state laws and district policy, the Columbus City School District will not tolerate harassment against any staff member or student on the basis of sex, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Harassment shall be defined as slurs, jokes, intimidation, or any verbal or physical attack directed at an individual’s sex, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

CSIA Parent Involvement Policy

Parents are highly encouraged to visit and assist in their child’s classroom and in the building. Parents are always needed for the following:

§ Help direct traffic in the parking lot at arrival and dismissal

§ Help younger students open their breakfast/lunch

§ Cutting out items for the staff

§ Reading to the students

§ Working with a small group of students on

ú Basic sight words

ú Basis math facts

ú Reading skills

§ Chaperone field trips

§ Assist with school wide activities

ú Field day

ú Reading night

ú Etc.

Please schedule appointments with your child’s(ren’s) teacher if you plan to visit the classroom. In order to allow for maximum learning in the classroom, we do not allow parents to visit rooms unannounced. There are times (such as during state testing) that parent visitations will not be permitted.

Please feel free to contact the school at 365-8129 or your child’s(ren’s) teacher(s) with questions to find out how you can help!

CSIA Student/Parent Handbook 2017 – 2018

3940 Karl Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43224

Telephone: 614.365.8129

Fax: 614.365.8130

Parent name: (Printed)______________________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Parent Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________


Parent e-mail: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent Home phone: ________________________________________________________________________________

Parent Cell Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Students Printed name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Students Room: _________________________________ Grade: ___________________________________________

By filling out the above, you are acknowledging that you have received, read, and agree to the parent handbook. Please return ONLY this page of the handbook with your child to school.


Principal - Sra. Kathryn Myers
(614) 365-8129  |   3940 Karl Road Columbus, OH 43224
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