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 Our Mission
The Mission of the Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy is to educate students bilingually, resulting in the development of both the English and Spanish languages.  We foster the awareness and knowledge of various cultures encompassed within our English and Spanish speaking communities.  Our program provides a quality education for all students to become biliterate and bilingual, able to use these skills actively in the growing global community. 
Welcome to the Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy! We are a well established K-6 school founded in 1987. Located in the northeast side of Columbus, you can find us at the intersection of Karl and Cooke Roads.         
Our program population averages around 350 and affords students the opportunity to  
become bilingual and biliterate. New students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and First grade are accepted through the Columbus Public Schools lottery procedure.  New applicants from grades 2-6 are evaluated by a review panel to assess their Spanish and English fluency. Since most classes are conducted in the Spanish language a minimum of 50%, the recommendation of the reviewers insures the applicants have the tools necessary to succeed in our program.         
What is a dual language immersion program? 
At CSIA students learn in two languages: Spanish and English.  

Dual language immersion includes native speakers of two different languages.  Its goal is to develop bilingualism/biliteracy, academic achievement and cross-cultural competencies for all students.   
In order to achieve this goal at Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy the percentage of content taught in Spanish and English is different at each grade level.
Kindergarten    80% Spanish 20% English
1st grade          70% Spanish 30% English
2nd grade         60% Spanish 40% English
3rd grade         50% Spanish 50% English
4th grade         50% Spanish 50% English
5th grade         50% Spanish 50% English
6th grade         50% Spanish 50% English
 Dress Code
Our dress code requires students to wear blue, black or khaki bottoms with a collared shirt of any solid color.   
 Staff and Students
Our staff and student populations are diverse.  Our staff represents the rich tapestry of the Spanish-speaking world comprising individuals from at least nine different Spanish-speaking countries.   
Our student population is drawn from the entire district; this provides an environment full of experiences, mixture of cultures and opportunities. 
At CSIA there are many opportunities to celebrate. Every month we recognize students who have exceeded the schools’ character and behavioral expectations. These students receive the Buen Gaucho award.
At CSIA we strive to help students develop positive cross-cultural relationships and
learn to respect the diversity of others by being respectful, responsible, helpful and friendly.
Early spring opens with a Cultural Fiesta involving food, games and prizes. Near the end of the school year, a Cultural Show for parents and families is held. Each class performs for the audience showcasing Hispanic culture and language.
Fun Activities:

Cultural Fiesta in May; field day; Spring Cultural Study, Seed Program, Classroom Safari, field trips; students in the 4th, 5th and 6th can also choose to participate in instrumental music and choir.

 Hours of Operation:
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Sra. Katy Myers

  Parent Involvement

¡Bienvenido! The CSIA PTO sincerely welcomes all parents and guardians to another school year. It’s an exciting time for Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy and we are glad that you are a part of it all.  We are looking forward to working together with the families and the teachers to make this a memorable year!


Parental Bill of Rights of CSIA PTO

Right to be informed

Right to get involved

Right to support the school and to be supported

Right to have fun!


Right to be informed:

Stay connected with your child by being informed of what is happening at school. Open communication is encouraged to be established with your child’s teacher. Be notified of school wide events, family engagement nights and other community and school district events by connecting with CSIA PTO!  Send questions to CSIA PTO by sending an email to: CONTACT.CSIA.PTO@GMAIL.COM

Visit the CSIA PTO Facebook page, search: Columbus Spanish Immersion PTO

Check back to this webpage for upcoming CSIA events.


Right to get involved:

There will be many activities and events taking place this school year. Parental involvement is the key to success to make these things happen. There are opportunities to volunteer in the classroom and at school events.  Physical presence is not always required to be an involved parent… other areas to be involved helping with fundraisers, sending in donations, and contributing resources to support the school. 


Right to support the school and to be supported:

You made the right choice to send your child(ren) to CSIA. So whether you have a kindergartner or a sixth grade, be reassured that your child’s education will not be compromised. With the new building, there will be new safety and security policies put in place.  This is for the well-being of all children. Please be patient and understanding. 


Right to have fun:

School can’t be fun without all the extras! CSIA enhances the learning experiences with field trips, cultural events, and family fun nights. You are encouraged to bring your ideas or assist with planning and executing the events and programs. 



Parents United! 

We are parents united with our students. 

We are parents united with our teachers and supporting staff. 

We are parents united with other parents. 

We are parents united with the community. 

We are parents united with CSIA! 

Together we all make this a great place to learn and grow.

Contact Information
Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
3940 Karl Rd.
Columbus, OH 43224
Phone: (614) 365-8129
Fax: (614) 365-8130
Site Based Council 

The Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy’s Site Based Council had another successful year. Our council is comprised of parents, community partners and staff intent upon growing our learning community through increased family engagement. The council met monthly to examine how to increase engagement through our current events and also through planning new events and programming. We saw a marked increase in attendance at Open House, Harvest Hop, Cultural Fiesta, Cultural Show, 6th Grade Celebration, Field Day and Lunch on the Lawn. The Council supported two new initiatives; Spring Book Fair and Leaders of Today and Tomorrow. The SBC was very pleased with the response to both of these initiatives and will continue with these in the upcoming year. If you are interested in becoming a member of our SBC please contact our office at 614-365-8129 after August 1, 2017, for more information.

Our student pledges

Promesa de los estudiantes

Yo soy bilingüe, me puedo comunicar en inglés y español.

Yo soy responsable. Yo soy respetuoso. Yo soy servicial. Yo soy amigable.

Yo soy un ciudadano que puede influir positivamente al mundo que me rodea.


Student Pledge

I am bilingual. I can communicate in Spanish and English.

I am responsible. I am respectful. I am helpful. I am friendly.

I am a citizen who will positively affect the world around me.

Principal - Sra. Kathryn Myers
(614) 365-8129  |   3940 Karl Road Columbus, OH 43224
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